An online pet shop focused solely on providing high end health and protective products.

Client Dogytoon
Date August 21, 2021
Category Branding
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Dogytoon started off it’s journey as a e-commerce brand. Its purpose was to provide high-end pet products to a growing niche concerned over their pets wellbeing. As the pandemic was still hitting many industries by 2021 around the world, Dogytoon was aiming for a 100% online presence thus reducing its overhead costs and providing a non-contact delivery service to its customers.

As result, Dogytoon partnered with Xolid to plan, execute and sustain not only its commercial goal but also share their core values. Our design process shall begin:


Brand identity


Social media


Brand Identity


Logo was aimed to express joy and cheerfulness. Dog’s ears and nose make easier for recognition and evokes its target.


The color red as main color represents the strength, the adventurous and calls for the public attention.


A few elements help to maintain brand simple and straightforward avoiding confusion amongst competitors.

Color palette


Visible appeal was of great need due to the target audience. The public was determined to be people between 25 to 40 years of age, in other words, Millennials.

Dogytoon represents youthness and neatness.

Social Media

As part of the strategy, social media was used to nurture brand awareness through its target audience. The key points were to transmit the brand’s values by sharing knowledge to dog owners. It was found the public was susceptible to useful information such as tips, statistics and studies when caring about their animals health. This brought the biggest impact over the account reach, user engagement and followers.


Intro Video

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