National Service Solutions

NSS is a property maintenance company specialized in high rise buildings.

Client National Service Solutions
Date February 24, 2023
Category Web design
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National Service Solutions is a property maintenance company based in Miami. NSS specializes in high-rise buildings around Miami downtown which requires the highest level of satisfaction and value for their customers’ investments. The company wanted to grow its business by developing a structured online presence with the main goal of finding new opportunities around Miami and other areas in south Florida.

NSS partnered with Xolid strategically to enhanced value and innovation to its customers, bringing growth to the whole organization as well as strengthening the brand. Let’s have a look to what we have accomplished so far in our design process.




Social media

Web Design



The use of straight lines and a sense of depth evokes the silhouette of high rise buildings targeting NSS audience.


The use of orange brings optimism and energy, while grey brings neutrality bringing a sense of balance to the eye.


Incorporating few design elements, eases recognition and conveys a message of cleanliness and order.


Social Media

As part of the strategy, strengthening NSS brand through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram was of great importance. One of the most important items within the strategy was to positionate the company as an authority, making use of high-quality content dedicated to provide valuable knowledge to the audience. Overall, building a strong online presence, engaging with customers and sharing worthy content would be the blueprint to reach our objective.

Web design

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